Friday, April 13, 2012

Book Launches: How Do You Measure Their Results?

Question from Reader:

Bestselling Book AuthorI've been reading your tips on book marketing for some time now. Well, I have been facing a critical problem here with book launches. My question to you is:

How do you evaluate the need for a book a launch? A book launch technically should not be only to elevate your author. How do we judge the success and what should ideally be our parameters? Is it media coverage, turnout, sales, good word-of-mouth?

John's Answer:

I judge a book launch or any other marketing campaign by book sales first.

The other criteria - media coverage, traffic, word-of-mouth - are useful measures and will generally lead to book sales. But it is the actual book sales that count.

As for the need for a book launch, I think a launch is always needed in some form. Every book deserves a good launch.

Word-of-mouth, which is responsible for 80% of all book sales, doesn't occur in a vacuum. Something has to start the word-of-mouth. A good book launch is one of the best ways to start the word-of-mouth going for a book.

John Kremer

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