Monday, May 07, 2012

Author Success Story: Nepotism Sometimes Works

Guest post by Joyce Davis

My niece owns a small boutique shop in Hood River, Oregon. I sent a number of my horse books to her and, voilĂ , a royalty check every quarter. My greatest reward was hearing that a stable owner shared quotes from my book with her customers by pasting them on the walls of her barn.

I continued marketing in that vein while living in Hawaii, giving books to small boutique shops or small book stores. As a result one owner agreed to give me a book signing day.

Joyce Davis's It's Hard to Stay on a Horse While You're Unconscious The book is about my experience in getting back into horses after a 40-year hiatus without them. I figured I needed to know more than climb aboard and take off for tall timber, so I studied and wrote about it. The result is It’s Hard to Stay on a Horse While You’re Unconscious. I know, a long title. Now, I think it ought to be retitled Whoa!

The unconscious part, however, can be considered both a physical and psychological state. In it I wander through my spiritual thoughts, as well as putting forth some biology research by including two appendices: one on the horse’s brain, the other on the horse’s eye. Both help to explain why a horse sometimes acts in strange and unpredictable ways. Mostly the book is a testament of my love affair with horses that has endured since I was 9 years old.

About the Author

Joyce Davis is the author of It’s Hard to Stay on a Horse While You’re Unconscious. Find out more about her book here:
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