Thursday, June 28, 2012

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Neither Is Right

Al Franken has been running a series of Facebook ads encouraging people to sign a petition about healthcare. His ad reads as follows:

Republicans think your employer should decide what health care you get. Sign here if you think they should butt out of your health care.

Now, that's fine and good - but very distorted. Here is how a Republican ad might read if they followed his distorted pattern:

Democrats think a nameless unapproachable bureaucrat should decide what health care you get. Sign here if you think bureaucrats should butt out of your health care.

Same inflammatory language. Both inaccurate. But that's politicians when they use words to inflame.

If you click on Franken's ad, you are sent to a petition that reads:

politicians distort language

Again, here's how a Republican response could look:


Petition: A Nameless Bureaucrat Is Not My Doctor

Dear Democrats:

Nameless bureaucrats are not my doctor. My health care choices are none of the government's business - and none of yours, either.

Seriously - what's wrong with you guys?

Democrats want to put nameless bureaucrats in charge of your health care.

Are bureaucrats doctors? Probably not. And even if a bureaucrat is a doctor, do you really want bureaucrats deciding what kind of health care you're able to get? Think DMV and food stamp offices.

If Democrats get their way, you could be denied coverage for end of life choices or any other treatment bureaucrats don't feel like you should have. Think 16 oz. diet cokes.

Don't let Democrats turn nameless bureaucrats into your doctor. At least you can talk to your boss.


Now, personally I don't want my boss to decide my health care choices (although, in my case, I am my boss so, yes, I do make those choices, but if I worked for someone else, I wouldn't want them making my health care choices).

But I also don't want nameless bureaucrats making my health care choices. Actually, this scenario is scarier to me because bureaucrats hide behind rules. Not just government bureaucrats but also corporate bureaucrats. But at least with corporate bureaucrats, you can always choose to opt out. With the new Obamacare rules, you can't. That's sad.

I don't usually rant about politics, but the distorted use of emotive language by Franken rankled me - just as any other distorted use of emotive language would.

And, truth be told, I'm saddened by the Supreme Court ruling today. It opens the door for government intrusion into all areas of our personal lives. Not just a crack but wide open. Very disturbing.

John Kremer

Bureaucrats are bad
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