Sunday, September 02, 2012

Children's Book Marketing: Spot the Difference

Chris Evans uses illustrations from his children's books to keep children and adults on his Jumbalees website by offering a number of games: Spot the Difference, Word Tree Crossword, and Tangle Puzzle.

Below is the Spot the Difference puzzle featured here:

Spot the Diffrence

A Spot the Difference puzzle is a great way to get people involved in the illustrations from your children's books (or even from many other illustrated books).

But make the puzzle better than the one above, especially for kids. The puzzle should be easier than the one above. I was expecting at least four easy ones, but the differences are subtler than most I've seen in such puzzles in children's magazines.

Note: You won't even see some of the differences from the small photo featured on this blog. You might find them all in the larger version on the Jumbalees website.

The Jumbalees website offers five children's books for sale, as well as the following one as a free download.

The Jumbalees

You can download this free children's book as a PDF or Mobi ebook by going here: The Jumbalees in Return of the Captubots by Chris Evans.
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