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Military Writers Society of America Spurs Book Sales

Guest post by Sandy Lawrence of Perceptive Marketing

As a publicist and marketing professional for 30+ years, I’ve seen a number of successes for my author clients. The marketing campaign described below has been fun and the results are still ongoing.

Jack W. London, distant relative of the original Jack London, has used several publicists and seen some amazing results from each one. This marketing story is based on the work of a team of marketers and, most of all, the perseverance of the author and his willingness and enthusiasm for marketing and showing up when his presence is requested.

French Letters

In 2011 Jack submitted his French Letters books to the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) for review. The MWSA helps veterans, their families, and historians record history and the complexities of military life – and encourages writing and other creative endeavors as therapy for the stresses of special circumstances. They focus on using these works to educate the general public, students, and the military community. They offer a community for authors through their website, Facebook group and marketing efforts.

Both of Jack’s books received great reviews and awards, and Jack himself was named the 2011 Author of the Year. Jack was the first author to receive this honor. His writing was such that it warranted a new, never before offered, award. As Jack pursued his role and the responsibilities that were included – regular blog articles, appearance at special events, etc. – he was recommended for a first-of-its-kind tour of Italy and Spain as part of the US Navy Writers on Deck program. Jack was given the honor of being the lead author to launch the tour which began in May 2012 and concluded in September 2012.

The Writers On Deck tour, sponsored by the US Navy Library Program, brought authors to visit active duty military members and their families who are stationed in Spain and Italy. Their mission is to “deliver some inspiration and motivation, with humor and interest in our Navy Heritage, creating a desire to read and explore for our active duty and community.”

A paragraph from the press release –

Writers On Deck begins the tour in May with Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) Author of the Year, Jack Woodville London. Jack is the author of the French Letters series Virginia’s War and Engaged in War, historical fiction based on life during World War II and its effect on those at home and those in Britain and France, with only letters to communicate. Jack begins his tour in Sigonella, Italy on May 21, followed by Naples on May 23 and Rota, Spain on May 25.

Jack, who is a diplomat of the writing academy of St. Céré, France states, “I am honored to be a part of the Writers on Deck program and look forward to representing MWSA with the Navy military and DOD families.”

As a result of submitting his books for review, Jack has now sold hundreds of books, had unbelievable experiences with the active duty military personnel and still speaks to civic groups telling the stories of his experiences. He received the recognition of holding the highest position in the MWSA organization.

All of these results are due to Jack and his recognizing that marketing is a team effort. We used both traditional and digital marketing strategies, sent press releases to the media, covered all the social media platforms and had an author who was available to share his experiences!

About Jack Woodville London

Jack Woodville LondonJack Woodville London is a well-known trial attorney, acclaimed author and World War II historian. Jack is a graduate of West Texas A&M, the University of Texas and the Academy of St. Cere, France.

The Military Writers Society of America recently awarded Jack the prestigious title Author of the Year for French Letters: Engaged in War. Jack’s French Letters series were awarded Honorable Mention for Fiction in the esteemed London Book Festival http://www.londonbookfestival.com.

Jack also writes a series of articles about writing titled “A Novel Approach.” Jack’s books are available at quality bookstores and at Amazon.com in both print and Kindle formats. http://www.jwlbooks.com
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