Thursday, November 21, 2013

Author Showcase: John Graves, Author of Fracking

John Graves, author of Fracking: America’s Alternative Energy Revolution, writes for a website ( that features all the important news and developments happening in the new world of energy via fracking.

Fracking by John GravesFracking – the hydraulic fracturing of the deep earth – is the new buzzword in energy today. Why is fracking such a big deal in today's world? Four reasons:

Jobs – 3 million jobs will be created in the the oil and gas industry before the end of the decade. These are well paid, demanding, dangerous and important jobs, with skills learned only in the field.

Energy – This incredible increase in energy resources results in incrementally lower energy costs for each American. Lower gas, electricity, power, and heating costs are the direct result of the extraction of gas and oil from fracked wells.

Imports – Petroleum imports from outside North America have declined by 40% since 2007. They may disappear entirely by 2017. America can be free of hydrocarbon imports as a result of the fracking of natural gas and oil from within our own continent.

Environment – Because of fracking, the US has already reduced its carbon dioxide emissions in excess of the demands of the Kyoto Treaty of 1998.

The exploitation of hitherto unavailable hydrocarbon resources within the United States has resulted, and will continue to result, in more jobs, lower energy costs, reduced oil imports, and a safer and healthier environment.

About the Author

John Graves, author of FrackingJohn Graves has been the managing partner of a mid-sized independent financial advisory firm for 28 years. His interest in the world of shale gas and oil sprang up from a question a client asked, “Isn’t this fracking thing dangerous to the Earth?”

As a concerned citizen and as a financial analyst, he approached the industry from the bottom and worked his way to the top.

He has visited frack rigs in Texas, refineries on the Gulf, pipelines in the West, as well as environmental lawyers, roustabouts, toolpushers, engineers, geologists, and senior energy executives.

He hopes to bring the world of fracking to you so that you can make informed decisions on a subject that is increasingly important today.

For more about fracking, see John's website at

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