Friday, March 07, 2014

Author Showcase: Steve Carlsson, author of Being Human

Steve Carlsson is a practical, hands-on person who also loves to write about the human condition and how our civilization interacts with the natural world. After a short time working in the human services field, Steve became disillusioned with the industry and moved to self employment in the building industry. A strange mix, but considering a childhood spent on a rural property, the change was not altogether surprising.

Always yearning to understand more about people and how we go about our lives, Steve spent many years observing the world around him, and slowly coming to the point where the need to communicate his conclusions with others led to writing.

Always thinking and always looking for the adventure of something new, Steve is involved in writing, teaching software, leading a local investment group, building maintenance contracting, permaculture, and kite surfing as well as helping his son study at high school. It is a busy but rewarding life that leaves little time to worry over the little things. The bigger issue of climate change though is his current passion and the focus of his writing.

Have you ever wanted to be part of a global movement, a part of something wonderful, creative and environmentally friendly? Being a human today offers the opportunity to participate in the most rewarding and exhilarating project humankind can ever undertake: The opportunity to create life rather than consuming it.

Being Human: A Question of Survival, explores what it means to be human today and exposes the means by which economic activity works to capture the human spirit and ensure it operates to benefit the economic system.

Being Human: A Question of Survival offers an alternative lifestyle that allows us to retake control over our lives and ensure a healthy future.

For more information about Steve Carlsson and his book, Being Human: A Question of Survival, check out his website here:
Author Showcase
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